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Corner Wear

Corner Wear - AcceptedCorner Wear - Declined
Minor to no wear on cornersVisible significant wear including tearing and discoloration

Handle Darkening / Wear

Handle Darkening / Wear - AcceptedHandle Darkening / Wear - Declined
Very little to no wear or handle darkeningVisible handle darkening, discoloration, worn leather

Exterior Marks / Scratches

Exterior Marks / Scratches - AcceptedExterior Marks / Scratches - Declined
Little to no scratching or very faint scratches or marksSignificant scratches and marks on bag

Discoloration / Fading

Discoloration / Fading - AcceptedDiscoloration / Fading - Declined
Little to no discoloration/fading of leatherObvious fading/discoloration of leather

Water Stains

Water Stains - AcceptedWater Stains - Declined
Little to no water staining on leatherVery noticeable and obvious water stains on leather

Interior Scratches

Interior Scratches - AcceptedInterior Scratches - Declined
Noticeable scratches, faint hairline scratchesMultiple visible scratches throughout interior

Interior Stains / Pen Marks

Interior Stains / Pen Marks - AcceptedInterior Stains / Pen Marks - Declined
Very little to no pen marks or other marks of any kindHighly noticeable pen marks or any other marks

Missing Embellishments

Missing Embellishments - AcceptedMissing Embellishments - Declined
No missing embellishments or only 1 or 2 missing embellishmentsNoticeably missing embellishments, clusters of ‘bald spots’

Missing Stitches

Missing Stitches - AcceptedMissing Stitches - Declined
No broken stitches or only 1 or 2 loose stitchesSeveral broken and missing stitches

Wax Edge Peeling / Splitting / Melting

Wax Edge Peeling / Splitting / Melting - AcceptedWax Edge Peeling / Splitting / Melting - Declined
Little to no cracking on wax edgesModerate to heavy peeling, splitting or melting of wax edges

Overall Structure

Overall Structure - AcceptedOverall Structure - Declined
Little to no creasing or slouching in shapeHeavy creasing or loss of overall shape

Handle Shape

Handle Shape - AcceptedHandle Shape - Declined
Slight creasing of handle shapeHeavy creasing or loss of handle shape
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