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General Questions

What is Rebag?

Rebag is the authority for buying and selling pre-owned luxury bags. We operate both online and offline since 2014. Our mission is to democratize luxury and to make resale seamless.

Selling to Rebag

When you sell to Rebag, your luxury handbags will be purchased outright: no consignment, no tricks. You simply provide us pictures through the Rebag app or website. For the bags we can purchase we will provide our buying offer. Then you can request a free shipping box or label anywhere in the US, or free pickups in Manhattan. Once we receive your items, you get paid in 2-3 business days. We do not charge any commission and you receive 100% of the quoted price. Voila!

In our stores, we can expedite the process even more: simply bring your designer bags to our locations, and we can price and pay in less than an hour!

Purchasing from Rebag

Our inventory is highly curated and we specialize in luxury brands. You can find our list of designers here. We own all the bags that are listed so you can shop safely. They are all inspected for condition and guaranteed for authenticity by our independent world-class experts. At Rebag we offer first-hand experience for second-hand products. You can purchase like-new luxury products for a fraction of the retail price, enjoy!

How can I trust your service?

At Rebag, we aim to achieve full transparency at every stage of your transaction. You are able to access your account for all your transactions’ details. Once a quote is agreed upon, we will send you a detailed invoice containing your guaranteed prices. All of our shipments and pick-ups are tracked and insured. Additionally, you can contact us via email, phone or chat to receive updates on the current status of your order.

What designers do you carry?

Please visit our Designer page to view all of the designer brands that we carry. Please do not submit bags from any other brands as we will not be able to purchase.

How To Sell: Quotes

How long does it take to receive my quote?

Online quotes are provided 1-2 business days (Mon-Fri, holidays excluded) after a submission is received.

You can also sell your bag in-person at our stores. The whole process takes less than 60 minutes! Simply bring your bags to one of our locations. We will quote, authenticate and issue payment in less than an hour. You can learn more about Rebag stores here.

Do I have to sell my bags if I don’t like my quote?

There is no obligation to sell if you are not satisfied with our quote or change your mind.

Are quotes free?

Yes! All quotes are free so submit as many bags as you’d like!

Do quotes expire?

Our quotes have an expiration date of two weeks. If you would like to sell your bag to Rebag after your quotes have expired please re-submit photos for a new quote.

How do you price?

All submissions are reviewed by our buying team who perform extensive research on the particular model. They consider a variety of factors including; brand, condition, size, material, demand, seasonality, and even our own inventory. We have been in business for many years and collected a large and proprietary data set that enables us to offer competitive quotes in a consistent way.

Why haven’t I received my quote yet?

If you have received an email confirming your submission, please contact Rebag Client Services via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-844-373-7723 with your reference number.

If you have not received a confirmation email, there may have been a submission error. Please double-check the spelling of your email address and re-submit your photos. You can also log into your account and check My Submissions to review all your submissions and quotes.

How do I accept your quote?

You can accept our quotes by accessing your rebag account and clicking “accept”. You will need to provide the details required for the type of order being placed and your prefered payment method.

How To Sell: Sending Your Bag

How can I send my bag to you?

We provide 4 options to get the items to Rebag after receiving an online quote:

  • Free courier pickup in Manhattan
  • Free prepaid shipping label
  • Free prepaid box and label
  • Drop-off at one of our locations (where the payment process can be expedited in 60 min)

Where do you pick up?

We can schedule free pick-ups in Manhattan below 125th St., Monday to Friday any four-hour window between the hours of 9AM – 7PM. Our courier can pick up from your home, office, or doorman.

If you are outside of our pick-up range, you can still select from the remaining available options: store drop off, prepaid label or prepaid shipping box.

How do I drop-off my bag personally at your store?

You can visit our Rebag stores during operating hours and stop by the “Rebag Bar” with the bags you are looking to sell. We recommend checking out our guidelines first so you know what bags to bring. Our store associates will help you create an account. The quoting and inspection process will happen within 60 minutes! You will receive a response or quote in My Submissions and by email. You can then accept the quote in the app or online to proceed.

What is the difference between a label and a box order?

For label orders, we will email you a prepaid label that you can print and use with your own box. We recommend this option as it is faster.

For box orders, we will mail you a prepaid shipping box with packing supplies and a free shipping label.

We ship all our packages via UPS & all of our shipments are tracked and insured.

How do I use Rebag’s prepaid label?

Pack your bags securely in your own box. Print the invoice to sign and include inside the package. Print and attach the label to any plain box.

For your assurance, please request a receipt as proof to confirm that the package was dropped off and scanned at UPS or USPS. Rebag is not responsible for packages that do not appear as scanned into their system, or are dropped off at the wrong shipping carrier.

How do I use Rebag’s prepaid box?

Your Rebag shipping box will include packing supplies, two copies of the invoice, and a prepaid label to attach to the outside of the box. Pack your bags securely in the box with the provided supplies. Please return one of the invoices signed and remove the old label before shipping the box.

For your assurance, please request a receipt as proof and confirm that the package has been scanned when dropping the package off at the post office. Rebag will not be responsible for packages that do not appear as scanned.

Why haven’t you received my box yet?

You are able to track your box using the tracking number provided. There can sometimes be shipping delays. We appreciate your patience. We will send a confirmation email as soon as we receive your package and identify your order.

What happens if my package is lost?

All packages are tracked and insured. Please contact Rebag Client Services by phone at 1-844-373-7723 or by email at [email protected] to have an agent assist you.

How To Sell: Inspection & Return Assurance

What happens when you receive my package?

Once we receive your package, we will email you a confirmation. We require 2-3 business days for our quality and authentication process that takes place in our warehouse.

How long does the process take?

We only require 2-3 business days to complete reviewing your order. Then we will be able to proceed with payment. At our Rebag stores the process takes only 60 minutes!

How do you authenticate bags?

Rebag is not affiliated with any designer brand. Our in-house independent experts review all handbags. Every bag goes through a thorough review process to confirm authenticity before we proceed with payment. Our experts have decades of experience in the field and trained to detect inaccurate patterns. Please do not submit inauthentic item as we will not be able to purchase them.

Does the quote ever change after you receive my bags?

Occasionally, if there is some wear on your bags that was not disclosed or photographed, your items may be subject to discount. If this is the case, we will ask for your approval before we proceed with the transaction. If you do not agree with the revised quote, we will send the item back to you at no cost. To avoid this please make sure to mention and provide pictures of any signs of wear so it can be considered when providing the quote. Other reasons for a change in quote can be due to the size of the handbag or its leather type.

Why would my bag not pass the inspection?

Our buying team does extensive research to determine if we can provide a quote. If the items are not what was expected unfortunately it may not pass our inspection. Items are commonly refused because the bag is in a different condition than expected. By providing detailed photos and mentioning all signs of wear, this can be avoided. An item may not be within our guidelines if for example:

  • It is in worse condition than expected or has broken or missing hardware
  • It is not meant for resale (samples, outlet items, employee purchases, press samples)
  • It has an odor
  • It is personalized with monogramming or refurbished
  • We are unable to confirm authenticity or there is a missing/illegible serial code

Please be sure to visit our Guidelines for more information.

What happens to bags that you don’t approve?

If your bag is not approved after our internal review, we will contact you to explain the reason. The item will be automatically returned to the same address where you shipped from. Please note that there is a flat $10 fee for shipping back your refused item.

How do you return bags that are not approved?

Your refused item will be shipped back to you with UPS with signature tracking confirmation for your assurance. You may request for signature tracking to be removed, but Rebag cannot be held responsible for the package if it is not successfully delivered.

What if I want my bag back?

Once you have agreed with our quotes and we receive your items, we are unable to send your bags back to you. We only proceed with placing orders once you have agreed to our quotes. Please refer to our Terms of Service.

How To Sell: Payment

When is payment initiated?

After receiving your package, we need 2-3 days to complete our quality and authentication process. Then we will be able to proceed with payment. In stores, we are able to initiate the payment within one hour of your submission.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer payments via ACH electronic transfer (similar to direct deposit), check and Rebag Credit.

How long does it take to get paid?

For ACH transfers, payments generally take 1 full business day to reflect.

Checks generally take 2-7 days to be delivered in the mail. Please note checks do not have tracking numbers.

Rebag Credit will be available instantly as soon as the order if paid.

Can you pay in advance?

No, we need to complete our quality and authentication process before releasing payment.

I haven’t received my payment.

If you have not received your payment after the time period given for your chosen method, please contact Rebag Client Services by phone at 1-844-373-7723 or email [email protected] to speak with an agent.

What is Rebag Credit?

Rebag Credit is a gift card code that can be used towards purchases on our site or in person at one of our store locations.

Where can I find my Rebag Credit code?

Once payment is issued, we will email you your unique code. You will also be able to see your balance directly on your rebag account under Payments and “Rebag Credit”.

How do I use my Rebag Credit code?

You can apply your Rebag Credit code at checkout. Just enter your code into the “Discount or Rebag Credit” bar and click on “Apply” to apply the Rebag Credit to your order.

What information is needed for ACH payments?

For ACH transfers, we will need your electronic routing number and account number. Please note that we can only pay the person selling the bag and cannot pay to an account that belongs to a different person.

Where do you store my payment information?

ACH details are safely saved in a secured payment system.

Can I change my payment details or payment method for an order?

If your order has not yet been paid, you can edit your payment details directly on your account. Please see the below steps:

  1. Go to your account and find the order. Click on “Order Details”
  2. Click on “Edit Order”
  3. Click “Save and Continue”. This will show you the payment page
  4. You can then add or select the new payment details and click “Save and Finish”

Purchasing From Rebag

What do you sell at Rebag?

Rebag specializes in authentic pre-owned luxury handbags. We focus on the highest quality while making items available for a fraction of the initial retail price.

Are your bags authentic?

Yes! While Rebag is not affiliated with any designer brand, we have developed our own authentication practice. We take authenticity extremely seriously and guarantee it for all of our items. Our in-house experts review all handbags and we own all items. If any item is proven to be inauthentic we will honor a full refund so you can shop safely on Rebag.

How often do you get new items?

We receive hundreds of new bags every week. Typically we list new arrivals on Wednesdays. You can even browse the site on Tuesdays to find selected pre-arrivals hidden throughout the site. Good luck on finding great deals!

Can I get a discount?

Our items are already significantly discounted compared to retail. We are committed to providing value to our customers so our prices are already very competitive. Unfortunately they cannot be negotiated. Occasionally we will run some promotions. However we cannot guarantee any specific promotion schedule or amount. All items are unique and we hold only one of each so we recommend that you purchase items when they are available. Promotions are only available for a certain duration and cannot be requalified for any purchase outside of the promotion duration. New customers can create a free account and receive a one-time 5% discount.

The bag I want is already sold, can I bookmark it?

Yes! All our items are unique and sell very fast. If you find a bag you like but that is already sold, you can create an alert. Simply click on “Email me when available” on any product page. You will receive an email notification the next time a similar bag becomes available. You can also edit your alert in your Account.

Do you provide an order confirmation?

Once you place your order, you will receive an email to confirm that we have received your order in our system. Once your card has been authorized or your Paypal account confirmed, we will process the charges and proceed with shipment of the order.

What are the payment options?

  • Credit Card: We accept the main debit and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Only one credit card may be used per transaction
  • PayPal: You may check out securely via PayPal. Upon checkout, choose PayPal as your payment option and you will be prompted to log into your PayPal account to complete your transaction
  • Financing Options: We teamed up with Blispay & Affirm to offer special financing so you can buy now and pay later. Click here for more information
  • Rebag Credit: You may use you Rebag Credit as a for of payment upon check out. Simply enter your Rebag Credit Code into the Rebag Credit field and the available credit amount will be deducted from the total. You may add an additional form of payment to complete your transaction. You can use several Rebag Credit codes in the same transaction

Will I be charged sales tax?

For online orders, sales tax is collected on all items shipped to the states of California and New York. Sales tax is also collected on all purchases made in our Los Angeles and New York City stores.

Purchasing From Rebag: Shipping & Returns

How do you ship?

By default, all our domestic packages are shipped via UPS with signature confirmation. If your address is a P.O Box it may be necessary to ship via USPS as an exception.

What is standard shipping?

Orders below $4,000 - $20 flat fee (4-7 business days).

Orders of $4,000 or more - $60 Flat fee (4-7 business days).

All shipments are tracked, insured, and require signature confirmation upon delivery.

Can I expedite shipping?

We can expedite domestic shipping in the US.

Orders below $4,000 - $55 flat fee (1-3 business days).

Orders of $4,000 or more - $85 flat fee (1-3 business days).

Please note that orders placed after 4pm EST will count as an order made the next business day. Orders made on Saturdays and Sundays will count as Monday orders. It takes 1 business day for the order to be processed before shipment.

Do you ship internationally?

We can ship internationally via UPS, DHL or USPS (depending on location) anywhere outside the US.

International orders below $4,000 - $75 flat fee (6-9 business days).

International orders of $4,000 or more - $100 flat fee (6-9 business days).

Please note that delivery delays may occur due to external factors (i.e. customs clearance). All shipments are tracked and insured.

Please also note that customers are responsible upon delivery for any import duties, goods and services tax (GST), value added tax (VAT), customs fees and any other tax on top of the Rebag purchase price. Items made of exotic materials cannot be shipped outside the US. No returns on international orders.

If you have any special shipping requests please contact us after order confirmation by email: [email protected] or toll free US phone: 1-844-373-7723.

Do you accept returns?

We accept U.S. returns as long as they comply with our return policy, are in the same condition as the product description and still have the Rebag return tags attached. We can only honor returns if the below process is respected. Please note, returns are only accepted for items shipped back from the US (no returns on international orders):

  1. A request must be filed by email to [email protected] within 2 business days of delivery (as proven by the tracking number)
  2. Item must be sent back to Rebag using the return label we will provide and shipped no later than 2 business days from when the return label was provided (as proven by the tracking number)
  3. For your assurance, it is required to request a receipt as proof and confirm that the package has been scanned when dropping the package off at UPS. Rebag is not responsible for packages that do not appear as scanned
  4. Upon receipt by Rebag, you will receive a refund to your original payment method, regardless of the reason, within 10 business days
  5. Shipment fees both ways will not be refunded. The client will be liable for both the initial shipping fee, as well as the return shipping fee (which is a $20 flat fee for items below $4,000, and $60 flat fee for items above $4,000)


Where are the Rebag stores Located?

All of our locations are listed on our Rebag Retail Stores page. We are open every day of the year including most holidays, with the exception of December 25 and January 1.

How does the selling process work at the Rebag stores?

You can bring the items you are looking to sell to one of our Rebag stores at the “Rebag Bar”. Once your bags have been submitted for inspection you will receive a quote and we can issue payment within 60 minutes! Please note that you will be required to present a valid ID.

What happens if you cannot purchase my bags after I dropped them off?

If we are unable to purchase the item we will notify you via email and you can pick it up at your earliest convenience.

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