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Sustain Your Handbag Addiction

HAVE A 6 month FLING

Turn in any Rebag handbag within 6 months in exchange for credit worth at least 70% of its purchase price.

With Rebag Infinity, you can keep your handbag collection fresh – no commitment necessary.

Purchase any Rebag handbag, enjoy it for up to 6 months, and then exchange it for credit. You will receive at least 70% of its purchase price to be used toward your next bag. See terms below.


Fall in love with any Rebag bag for up to 6 months.


When you're ready to part with it, exchange it for Rebag Credit.


Apply at least 70% of its purchase price toward your next bag.


What is Rebag Infinity?

Rebag Infinity is a new way to keep your handbag collection fresh. Carry any Rebag handbag for up to 6 months, and exchange it for credit worth at least 70% of its purchase price. So, start collecting your infinite closet now with Rebag, and refresh it every six months.

Is Rebag Infinity like leasing or renting?

Rebag Infinity is a new way of owning luxury goods. Unlike renting or leasing, you remain the owner of the item as soon as you pay the purchase price until you decide to exchange it. Rebag offers you visibility on the 6 month exchange price so you can purchase with confidence. There is also no obligation to exchange, so if you love it keep it! But trends change fast, so we encourage you to use Rebag Infinity every 6 months so you (and your closet) can have nonstop newness.

How do I use Rebag Infinity?

Rebag Infinity is available on our website, www.rebag.com, mobile app or in person at one of our store locations. In your Rebag web and app account, on the “Purchases” page, simply find your order and click “Exchange” on the bag you would like to exchange. If the Rebag Infinity pricing is still valid, the “Exchange for” value will appear. A countdown to the expiration date (6 months from the original purchase date) is visible. On the “Sell Now” page, you can also select any bag that qualifies from the dropdown showing your previous Rebag purchases. To transact in-store, visit the “Rebag Bar” in any of our locations, and an associate will assist you with the process.

What are the terms to qualify for Rebag Infinity?

Rebag Infinity only applies if:

  1. You purchased this bag on our website www.rebag.com, on the Rebag mobile app or in one of our store locations
  2. You are exchanging the exact same item in the same condition as when it was purchased from Rebag
  3. You submit your item for exchange no later than 6 months after the purchase date
  4. You provide current pictures of the item and an accurate condition description with your submission
  5. Your exchange will be in Rebag Credit only
  6. You are using the same Rebag account as the original Rebag purchase

What happens if I damage my bag?

If the condition of the bag has changed since it was purchased, we will not be able to honor Rebag Infinity. If we are still able to purchase your bag despite the incremental wear, we will provide a quote reflecting the current condition. If not, we may decline to purchase. In order to benefit from Rebag Infinity, it is recommended to maintain your bag with great care. For more details please refer back to our condition guidelines.

What happens if I want the bag for less than 6 months?

No problem at all! You can exchange your bag for Rebag Infinity pricing any day from the purchase date and until the 6 months following the purchase date.

What happens if I want the bag for more than 6 months?

You can keep the bag for as long as you want, it’s yours! However, you will not be able to exchange your bag for Rebag Infinity pricing beyond 6 months after purchase date. Of course you are more than welcome to sell your bag to Rebag at any point in time by submitting it for a quote. It will be treated as a regular submission, and there is no guarantee that we can purchase it and no certainty on the price.

How do you compute the Exchange value?

The “Purchase Price” is the original price you paid at checkout for the item, excluding shipping, taxes and discounts. The “Exchange for” value is calculated at checkout as 70% of the “Purchase Price” for each item. This represents the minimum amount you will receive in Rebag Credit if you exchange this item within 6 months of purchase and it qualifies for Rebag Infinity.

Can I get paid more than the Rebag Infinity Exchange value?

Absolutely! If we are able to offer more than 70% of the purchase price, we will. If our current pricing in Rebag Credit for that item is greater than the “Exchange Value” from Rebag Infinity, we will upgrade your “Exchange Value” so you always get the most favorable pricing option.

What is Rebag Credit?

Rebag Credit is a gift card that can be used towards any purchase on our website, www.rebag.com, mobile app or in person at one of our store locations. Rebag Credit does not expire and can be used in combination with other promotions and across multiple purchases. You can also use multiple Rebag Credits in a single transaction.

How does Rebag Credit work?

Once the exchange has been completed and payment is issued, you will receive an email with your unique Rebag Credit code. You will also be able to see your balance directly in your Rebag account under “Payment” and “Rebag Credit.” You can apply your Rebag Credit code at checkout. Just enter your code into the “Discount or Rebag Credit” bar and click on “Apply” to apply the credit to your order.

Is Rebag Infinity available internationally?

Rebag Infinity is not available for international orders. Items must have been purchased either in our stores, or on our website/app and shipped within the US. When they are being exchanged they need to follow the usual Rebag Guidelines. In particular they need to be located in the US at the time of the exchange.

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