The Bucket List

The Phenomenon Of Mansur Gavriel’s Bucket Bag

It’s simple – usually constructed from leather and cut into a pouch with a drawstring closure. Ranging in functionality, it can hold everything from your farmer’s market finds to your late-night partying essentials. It’s the bucket bag, and it can found in any fast fashion retailer or exclusive designer boutique.

Many have mastered an array of unique designs of bucket bags; using different leathers, hardware, and straps. However, the masterminds behind Mansur Gavriel have created the ultimate adaptation that has disrupted the handbag world.


Before diving into the success of Mansur Gavriel, it’s important to know why the bucket bag continues to be a popular and desired style. The earliest form of today’s bucket bag can originally be traced to the 18th century. The women of this age called it a “reticule”, which was technically a small and decorative drawstring bag, very similar to the outline of today’s modern bucket bag.

With the slim and petite body shape becoming mainstream, these bags were more so of an extra pocket, so women didn’t have to hide their personal items in the folds of their layered clothing. Women realized how useful these reticules were, and they continued to evolve into the handbag industry we have today, with “it-bags” becoming an essential of every fashion-forward consumer. The top contenders, such as the Chanel 2.55 and the Hermes Birkin have held their reign… until now, where contemporary designers have taken over the luxury market.


Designed in NYC and made in Italy, Mansur Gavriel was founded by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel in 2012. Both women had previously worked in design and ended up in the Los Angeles area, where they ultimately met at an indie concert. They quickly became friends, bonded over their similar aesthetic, and soonafter conjured up a business plan. After creating their designs, the pair relocated to NYC and launched their now highly coveted brand. One of their first designs was the bucket bag - which skyrocketed into massive waiting lists, a one bag per customer rule, and constant sell outs in retail distributors. But why, a brand so new with such an old design, climb so high so quickly?


The success of Mansur Gavriel and their coveted bucket bag can be traced down to three main factors:


Even though the aesthetic design may seem “new” to some, it has a similar resemblance to the original reticules of the past. There is no absolutely no frill to the bucket bag - Mansur Gavriel knew to keep their design sleek and minimalistic to attract their desired market. But in comparison with bucket bags of the past, Mansur Gavriel made sure to craft their design with their present-day consumers in mind.

First, they gave their updated version a firm structure to keep it a must-have for women on the go. Second, the bag’s most signature design is made with vegetable tanned leather, which results in a beautiful finish without using harmful chemicals. And lastly, Mansur Gavriel uses a curated on-trend color scheme, to cater to different tastes in the mass market.


The bucket bag, ranging from the “Baby Bucket” to the full-size model, currently retails from $195-$695 . Compared to many high end designer versions, this is a steal for its overall craftsmanship, as well as the “hype” the brand continues to gain.


Through their use of “Millennial Pink”, Mansur Gavriel has the ultimate use of brand recognition through their Instagram, campaigns, and retail expansion. Their curation is both experimental yet incredibly precise. Everything is cohesive within one another, regardless of product, color story, or overall platform. Their most popular posts contain an array of objects and models. Their bucket bag stardom is a direct result of their brand recognition strategy, which ultimately gave them their “it-bag” status.

The brand continues to shatter the fashion world with new colorways, shapes, and now – clothing. Mansur Gavriel has even opened two stores, one on Madison Avenue and in Soho in NYC. With the company only being five years old, it’s outstanding how quickly the brand has erupted, which is all in a continuation of their identity. Their “bucket list” will only help Mansur Gavriel continue to dominate the industry, but maintain its raw authenticity for years to come.


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