Dress For Success

The Best Bag For Your Career Path

There is a lot to look forward to with graduation just around the corner, including no more tests (yes!), and of course, beginning your career (finally!). At Rebag, we believe that the right bag can bring confidence on your first day on the job or be a welcome reward for achieving your career goals.


Whether you’re working in sales or management, having the right bag is a necessity. For office jobs, depending on your commute, bags with a bit more room and varying strap length are best. Stay organized with extra compartments and enough room for your computer and other electronics.


As a medical professional you are embarking on a fulfilling career path with long hours. We recommend a backpack that has enough room for all of your necessities including a change of clothes for those intense overnight shifts. A bag made of leather or a coated material is great for those in the medical field, to allow for easy cleanup and disinfecting, as needed.


If your career takes you outside, you really want something that will hold up under tough conditions and will allow you to move easily and hands-free. As someone always outdoors, you may find yourself needing more space and something that can hold up against some rougher wear and tear. Large messengers or even duffles are going to be the best option to accommodate harsher conditions and the need for extra space.


As an artist and creative you never know when inspiration will strike. Keep your materials on hand and well packed in a large tote so you can take everything with you and are prepared when your muse arrives. 


Whether a professor or grade school teacher, you are one of the most important people in a student’s life. You are teaching them the skills they need to succeed, so why not treat yourself to a luxury handbag that makes you feel great for all the hard work you do. A tote or briefcase is great for carrying papers that need grading and can easily transition to happy hour.


When in court, or meeting a client, it’s important to make a great impression. You must present yourself in a way that is clean and professional and projects a sense of success and these bags are perfect for just that.

Manual and Craftsman

Not everyone is meant to be stuck in a cubicle and you are of the many who enjoy working with your hands and creating something. You work hard and you play harder. Why bother using your bag during work hours? You like to make sure your bag is showcased whenever and wherever you decide to wear it.

No matter what path you decide to choose, accessorizing for your new career will no doubt be one of the best ways to commemorate the occasion.

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