Fact Or Fiction

Disclosing the Myths & Truths About Proper Care for Your Handbags
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    You can stuff your bag with anything to keep its shape... For ultimate upkeep of your bags stuff them with tissue paper or old clothing. Not only will your bags keep their shape but using tissue or cloth will control the moisture level inside your bag. While using plastic works temporarily overtime bags will begin to lose shape and the interior of your bag will be more susceptible to moisture damage.

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    You can buff out a scratch on lambskin using your finger... You can actually use your finger to gently buff a scratch off your lambskin bag by pressing gently and rubbing in a circular motion. Before you try it make sure you’re using clean fingers that are free from any moisture or oils as this will damage the leather. Keep in mind this is mainly applicable to recent scratches on lambskin and not wear over time.

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    It is impossible to refurbish vachetta leather without taking it to a repair shop... Using a Magic Eraser will remove dirt and oil and bring your LV bags back to life. Before you start always remember to do a patch test before cleaning! Just dampen a Magic Eraser and make sure to remove all excess water! Gently rub areas that need cleaning for about 15 seconds at a time. Please note to be very gentle as scrubbing too hard will damage the vachetta leather. Let dry for 30 minutes to an hour and apply leather conditioner with a soft cloth. The results are truly amazing! If the leather appears dry and matte or if the bag has been cleaned before do not use this method!

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    It’s possible to prevent your leather bags from wrinkling and keep them looking new... Over the years you may notice you’re favorite leather bags start to wrinkle and lose their luster. The best way to preserve your leather bags and keep them looking smooth and supple is to moisturize them with a good leather conditioner and soft microfiber cloth.

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    Removing an oil stains from suede is not possible... If you ever find yourself in a situation where your suede bag is stained with oil or grease don’t panic! To remove oil and grease stains from suede you will need some cornstarch. Applying directly onto the affected area, once you’ve covered the area gently pat onto suede. Let the cornstarch sit for about an hour. Once time has passed shake the access cornstarch off and use a suede brush to clean of any remnants. The results are incredible!

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    You can use certain household items to clean patent leather... There are a couple products that most of us have in our homes that will effectively clean patent leather! But as always, remember to do a patch test on an inconspicuous area of your bag before cleaning! Believe it or not you can use petroleum jelly, isopropyl rubbing alcohol, or glass cleaner to remove scuffs and discoloration from your patent leather bags! Please note that these products are only intended for patent leather! Do not try to use these products on regular leathers.

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