Handbag 101: The Handbag Organizer

A Dual Purpose Accessory: Organization And Protection
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    The organizer is a relatively new handbag option that has emerged in the accessory market over the last several years. It comes in a myriad of colors, sizes, and configurations to fit your needs and the dimensions of your bag. These nifty little extras can not only offer daily support and protection, but a quick and easy way to transfer items between various bags.


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    The benefits of using an organizer can be narrowed down to the most significant: Organization, Shaping, Protection, and Customization


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    1) Organization

    Help keep your personal items within reach and easy to find. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find your keys or your lipstick. These accessories will put an end to rummaging around the interior of your bag.


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    2) Shaping

    Thicker organizers offer soft yet sturdy support to help your bag keep its shape. Sometimes when you wear a softer bag, it has a tendency to lose their shape when items are placed inside – these inserts offer enough support to prevent this from happening.


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    3) Protection

    Using an organizer protects the interior of your bag from items you need from day to day. You would be surprised by the amount of damage that keys, sunglasses, and makeup can cause to your bag over time.


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    4) Customization

    There are many manufacturers that offer custom sizes and configurations. Transform your handbag into a diaper bag for storing bottles or into a work bag that has a compartment made for your 13" laptop.


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    With handbag inserts, it's important to keep a few things in mind when purchasing. These aspects will help you choose the best option for your bag.


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    1) Color

    Bright colors or non-matching colors will cause transfer to the interior of light interior bags. For these interiors, it’s recommended that a matching color or undyed option is used. The red option pictured is a popular option for Louis Vuitton models to match their famous red canvas lining.


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    2) Material

    Most options are made with heavyweight felt, which is what Rebag recommends. Options made of fabric or with plastic siding will not provide optimum support. Organizers that are too rigid do not allow your bag to move naturally and can create shape issues for your bag.


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    3) Dimensions

    Interior measurements are required for proper fitting; do not use exterior measurements when purchasing.


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    4) Shape

    Not all organizers are made the same. There are specific versions made for various silhouettes such as satchels, backpacks, and flap bags.


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    If you plan on investing in your handbag, an organizer is a great accessory to consider; you’ll prolong the lifespan of your bag, and add some tidiness to your day to day – truly a Marie Kondo move.

    With so many organizer options available, these tips will provide more insight to help you purchase the one just right for you.


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