Picture Perfect Pastels

Ever wonder why we crave these colors in the Spring?

When we finally emerge from the blistering cold of winter, it’s always the same color story...pastels, pastels, pastels! But why do we lust for these colors in the warmer weather? Why do we adore pastels so much and why in the Spring? Why is it when we hear “pastels”, we automatically associate it with Spring?

Pass the Pastels!

With warmer weather right around the corner, pastels will begin to emerge marking the official start of the Spring season. Pastels give us a dreamy escape from the harsh, drab winter months, and have the ability to transport us to a visual wonderland. The natural, free notes these colors emit seem to give us all a fresh start, leaving the long Winter as a distant memory.

What Are They & Why Do We Love Them?

Pastel, derived from the latin pastellus literally means paste. Pastels, in the simplest of terms, can be defined as a less saturated version of nearly any color. This undersaturation appears to take the edge off and is perceived psychologically as more intellectual, calming, and sophisticated. A pastel is an extremely versatile color that can mold into any vibe you’d like to portray. The daydreamy hues can be energetic, bold, and a soft compliment all at the same time. Pastels contribute an emotional balance to create the perfect ambiance leaving you feeling even and cool.

Evolution of Pastel

DaVinci first used these colors in his 17th century paintings which was quick to turn into the latest fashion of the 18th century. The most stylish of figureheads, Marie Antoinette, favored pastels for her extravagant dresses, and centuries later, the trend continued across the sea into the United States. F. Scott Fitzgerald resurrected the pastel era with visual nods to the colors in his classic novel, The Great Gatsby. These colors were then especially meaningful through the depression era helping to keep spirits alive. Fast forward to the 80s and 90s, pastels were inescapable, although I’m sure many are relieved we finally escaped that trend. Now, pastels are re-emerging adding a subtle statement to every trend-setter’s wardrobe!

On the Runway

Brands such as Versace and Valentino have taken notes from this psychological phenomenon and debuted a line of pastel handbags for their Spring 2018 collections. Versace uses subtle lavender, sky blue, light pink, canary yellow, and spring green hues to transport us to a fantastical wonderland, a sharp departure from the typical Versace colorway. Valentino also put these classic hues down the runway refashioning the house’s famed rockstud bags in all shades of pastel. Equally, Chanel tapped into the sugary-sweet tones showing their classically edgy Boy Bag in a rainbow of pastels for their Pre-Spring 2018 collection. Even Ferragamo has picked up on this trend and exuding serious boho-pastel vibes in their latest runway show.

Let’s be honest...by April we have all had enough of the cold weather and pastels remind us of the rebirth of Spring, drawing us into the warmer weather we all have been waiting for! These colors exude positive vibes and illustrate the very essence of Spring. Keeping us sweet and daydreamy and still remaining effortlessly chic, pastels are the true testament that Spring has arrived!

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