The Vintage Advantage

How Brands Keep Up With Changing Trends & Remain True to Their Heritage

Most of the notorious fashion houses are deeply rooted in history. Many have been around for close to or more than a century, and have established themselves as key players in the luxury market. These houses stand the test of time, by remaining loyal to their heritage, and often the question is, however, how do these brands stay on top of trends that keep them relevant? How do they remain true to their branding, but avoid getting stale and boring? Below are a few examples of how some of the most iconic companies have kept true to their culture and ancestry, but remain on top by innovation and adaptability to the ever changing fashion world.


Louis Vuitton is constantly changing, but one thing remains true. They have the most recognizable and iconic monograms patterns. It is recognized around the world, and is a blatant display of status. They have revamped the pattern many times over, adding prints on top, collaborating with relevant artists, or changing the colors all together. The Pochette Metis is one of the most popular models of those restylings, based off the Monceau Mini Briefcase, and became available in fun new takes on the classic monogram canvas.



Gucci really dug down deep this past Fall by reintroducing their old aesthetic with clean lines, an updated logo, and a few modern touches and embellishments. Most notably, the Ophidia. Gucci took a classic vintage clutch, that can still be found today on resale sites, added a chain, and updated the logo. While much more modern with a few touches, Gucci managed to embrace their past and kept a vintage vibe to the look by incorporating their classic web detail down the center in the iconic red and green.



As Dior remains a high class fashion house, most recognizable by their cannage quilt in recent years. They manage to slip their heritage and iconic prints in ways that surprise and delight us. Most recently, the Oblique line of bags, which is a reintroduction of their once notorious and well recognized Diorissimo print as “Flanders Tapestry”, which was originally from the 1970s. However, the Diorissimo print became its most popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, thanks to a Miss Carrie Bradshaw, who constantly sported the printed Saddle Bag in various episodes of Sex and the City.



Chanel is one of the biggest contenders here. They are constantly revamping or reintroducing vintage styles to make them new and fresh, assuring that they stay on top. They often even bring back older models with cleaner lines to make them more modern. The two-tone flap bag is the perfect example of that. While this is near exact to the original design, the lines are now tighter, the body a bit more rigid, more structured, and a bit slimmer, and the hardware has been updated. It has also been made in fun color combinations and is available in multiple sizes.

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