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Full Front Photos

Full Front Photos - Do Full Front Photos - Don't
Take a clear photo, showing the entire front of your bag Take partial or blurry photos of the front of your bag

Clear Back Photos

Clear Back Photos - Do Clear Back Photos - Don't
Take a clear photo, showing the entire back of your bag Take partial or blurry photos of the back of your bag

Highlight Wear

Highlight Wear - Do Highlight Wear - Don't
Take a clear photo, showing wear in context of location on bag Take vague wide photo, that does not clearly identify wear

Interior Photos

Interior Photos - Do Interior Photos - Don't
Take clear well-lit photo of interior while bag is opened wide Take dark, unclear photos of interior while bag is collapsed, partially closed, or filled with personal items


Accessories - Do Accessories - Don't
Show that you have included accessories (i.e straps, pouches, dustbags etc) Omit accessories from photos, as it will be assumed they are not available


Lighting - Do Lighting - Don't
Take photos in a well-lit area, free of cluttered surroundings. Natural sunlight is best Take photos that are overexposed or poorly lit

Multiple Bags

Multiple Bags - Do Multiple Bags - Don't
Submit bags separately Include multiple bags in a single photo

Stock Photos / Screenshots

Stock Photos / Screenshots - Do Stock Photos / Screenshots - Don't
Submit personal photos of your bag Submit screenshots, blog posts, or stock photos
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