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Rebag Referral Program

How does the Rebag Referral Program work?

Receive a one-time $100 referral bonus for every new seller you refer who successfully sells their first bag to Rebag. In order for us to track your referrals, everyone you refer must enter your email address in their submission form as their “Referral”.

What are the terms to qualify for Rebag Referral?

You are eligible for the $100 referral bonus if:

  • You have successfully sold bags to Rebag before
  • You refer a potential seller who has not sold previously to Rebag, and they successfully sell a bag to Rebag
  • You may not refer yourself

How will I know if someone referred by me sells a bag to Rebag?

If a successful referral writes your email address in the “Referral” section of their bag submission, Rebag will pay your referral bonus to the payment details in your Rebag account. We will email you to confirm each time a successful referral completes an order and payment is issued to you. You may also communicate with your referrals to confirm that they have credited you in their submission.

How many times can I earn the $100 Referral Bonus?

You may earn a one-time referral bonus for each new seller that successfully completes a sale to Rebag. There is no limit on the number of potential sellers that you refer to Rebag.

If abuse of the referral program is identified, we may disqualify any referrer from the program indefinitely.

Can I earn Referral Bonus for past transactions?

No, you may only earn a referral bonus for sellers who identified you as the referrer in their submission, or while their order was being completed. The referral program is only valid for submissions made on and after January 21, 2019.

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