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Tyler Lambert

By Isabelle E. July 29, 2020


Tyler Lambert, aka @tylerglambert on Instagram, is the very definition of “Fashion Authority.” The stylist, founder, and entrepreneur first became interested in fashion at 13 years old and now has the likes of Kylie Jenner wearing his creations. 

Taking one look at the stylist’s expertly curated Instagram page is enough to inflict serious style envy, that’s why we were thrilled to sit down with him and share some of his style expertise with you.

How do you typically go about styling your clientele? Are there tips you can share to our audience on how to dress when you need your bag to go with it?

When dressing my clients, I am styling or dressing them for a purpose, meaning an event or outing or photo of sorts. When it comes to handbags I ask [for] purpose – does a jumbo Chanel make sense for a red carpet? Obviously no… Mind you, does a client even need a purse or just someone to hold their phone? A bag is an extension of identity in my eyes as a stylist; you have your iconic everyday bag – easy and movable; then, you have an outfit, and the bag that goes with that needs to really, truly resemble the purpose of the event and the identity of the outfit.

What are some unique solutions you’ve found when working at home? Conferences, video chats with clients, etc.?

I believe I am in a very unique situation as I was involved with online creators and talent starting years ago. Styling internet and YouTube talent has always given me the platform to style them for “at home” content or outfits (not even for events), but just to look good for their followers. In a sense, this unique solution has already found me!

Do you adapt the same methods for your personal, everyday style? What is your ideal “stay at home” outfit?

No matter the client I would say I always come last, and my time and energies [are] devoted to my work – so my stay home outfit is a good, worn-in matching sweat set with paint and stain marks all over it 🙂

What would you say differentiates your taste in fashion with others?

I feel like a lot of taste in fashion comes from either being influenced by others, or trying to copy one another. Whereas, with my taste and where I grew up in a small rural town, I did not have a direction to aspire to – I just created. I feel in a sense I still have that direction in terms of taste, supporting young emerging designers, cutting apart and putting pieces back together, and not looking back. I feel that so many in the industry look back rather than moving forward, without looking at what everyone else is doing – I feel social media has made it that way a bit. Social media has given power to a lot of creators (which is amazing), but sometimes fame and followers overshadow [a creator’s] talent. This is the reason why I really love my Rebag family, as they see I am not huge or famous by any means, but they value and respect my drive to create in my own style something that means value to myself, and to inspire and share with others.

What gravitated you towards styling these crossbody bags?

I always loved the camera style bags, I believe they are genderless and very easy everyday bags.

What’s your favorite handbag that you own? And, what’s the next handbag you’re hoping to own?

This is a long story but one day, years ago, my friend in Chicago dragged me to an estate sale. The sons of the mother that passed away were selling her Hermès Black 35 Birkin for let’s say under $5,000, and I jumped and spent every dime I had on it. To this day, even though I hardly use it – it is my favorite bag. A bag I have my eyes on is a good backpack or another Birkin to start a collection.

What’s keeping you inspired during this hard time of social distancing? Any personal tips you can offer to those who’re looking for peace?

I think right now is the time to do everything you told yourself you would do when you had time. I know right now I am taking the time to discipline my eating habits and work habits, taking time for myself but working as hard as I possibly can. That work can be for your job or for your own passion or working towards finding that passion and experimenting however you can!

Answers have been edited for clarity