Handbag 101: Protective Accessories

The Best Items For Protecting The Interior Of Your Handbag
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    Keeping the interior of your handbag clean is not an easy task. With a constant rotation of items that are used in daily life, it is no surprise that the interior of handbags become marked, scratched, and stained. However, there are several options that help prevent or lessen interior wear.


    Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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    1) Organizers

    These are a great way to protect the interior of your bag while also keeping your personal items in sight and easy to find. Most often made of sturdy felt, these accessories pull double duty as support and protection. With an organizer in place, you won't have to worry about your pen or lipstick marking the interior of your bag, even if you just decide to throw them in.


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    2) Liners

    There are several generic liners made of soft fabrics with drawstring tops that allow for easy transfer to various handbags. These are not dissimilar from organizers but are simpler and do not have compartments


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    3) Clochettes/Key Holders

    Clochettes are an often forgotten accessory that should be utilized more often. Clochette in French literally means “bell,” referring to its bell shape. They are incredibly useful to protect the interior of your bag from your keys which are not something that you generally recognize as an issue. Clochettes and key cases are helpful as they cover the edges of your keys and prevent tarnish from the metal from transferring to your interior.


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    4) Cosmetic Pouch

    One of the best items that you can use to protect the interior of your handbag is a cosmetic bag or zip pouch. These come in various materials and sizes. They are ideal for organizing cosmetics, pens, and other small items such as headphones or chargers.


    Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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    5) Wallets/Card Holders/Coin Purse

    Rather than having loose change, money, and cards floating around the interior of your bag, it is always best to utilize a wallet. There are various sizes and types (ie compact, card case, or coin purse [pictured]) that can help keep your money and cards organized and easy to find while protecting your handbag from wear and dirt transfer. 

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    We do not recommend that items are left to float freely in your handbag. Using accessories that will keep your daily necessities separated from the inside is the best way to ensure the interior of your handbag stays in top shape.


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